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Cheese Steaks


The ones Philly tries to copy!



Half (12 inches) Whole (24 inches)


 Cheese Steak...7.77/15.57


Cheese Steak Special fried onions, peppers,

 mushrooms and marinara sauce.. $8.27/ $16.27


California Style fresh

lettuce, tomato and mayo.. $8.27 / $16.27


The Whiz cheese steak

with fried onions and cheese whiz... $7.77/ 15.57


Pittsburgh Style topped

with fry's and a spicy ranch sauce... $8.57/ $16.27


Texas style Homemade

texas sauce with raw onionsand spicy mustard.. $8.57 $16.97


Childs style topped with

onion rings and spicy ranch. $8.57 / $16.97


The Western...fried onions, green peppers and bbq sauce....7.97 / 15.77


The Throop cheese steak..topped with mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce..8.77/17.27


Pepperoni cheese steak..pepperoni & sauce..8.27 / 16.27


Buffalo Steak..steak tossed with hot sauce topped with american cheese on a bed of lettuce & blue cheese...8.27/16.27


Polish cheese steak..topped with potato pancakes and sour cream..8.57/16.27


The Quadruple bypass...topped with texas sauce, capicola, bacon, french fries, and ketchup....9.27/18.27




make your own! topping choices.


lettuce, tomato, onions, hot


peppers, sweet peppers,


mushrooms, pickles, roasted red peppers, black olives...25/half... bacon..$1.50/half


swiss, provolone, mozzarella, cheddar..extra cheese  .75/half..Extra meat 1.97/half



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