Monthly Specials





Steve & Irene’s Hoagies

September Specials



Ø Chicken Taco Salad romaine, tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella, fried tortilla strips and taco seasoned chicken….8.57


Ø Giant Wings (Actually Drumsticks) 4 large chicken drumsticks tossed in any of our wing sauces…7.97


Ø Fired up Chicken 12” Chicken cheese steak topped with mozzarella sticks tossed in Buffalo sauce with lettuce and bleu cheese.…7.77


Ø The Pickler 12” Grilled turkey topped with battered pickle fries, American cheese and our homemade spicy ranch…7.77


Ø Buffalo Chicken Salad Wrap Our homemade chilled chicken salad tossed with buffalo sauce wrapped up with lettuce and bleu cheese ….6.50


Ø Pickle Fries Battered and fried pickle slices served with a spicy ranch sauce…4.97


Ø Cajun Cheese Fries A large order of Cajun fries topped with cheddar…5.77